Week 6: Baking is a Dangerous Hobby 

Week 6 of my health challenge journey is over. I’m just trying to stay on track after my indulgences from last weekend. Note to self: baking is a dangerous hobby to have while on a diet. Last week, I made cupcakes at a friend’s house, and taste-tested almost everything! It was so good… BUT with all the baking I’ve been doing lately, I am getting sick of looking at cupcakes. So yay…?

I’ve been a little distracted, so I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to… Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve immersed myself in other hobbies. I’m learning how to knit and baking a lot. It’s been really fun, but I’m trying to structure and divide up my time so that I can do a little bit of everything and get some variety.

I’ve been so busy with my hobbies that I haven’t been as focused on working out. I plan to focus more on diet and exercise next week. I’ve still been eating pretty well since the weekend. I am slowly trying to get back into running, too.

I am down about 0.6 lbs, and I did lose an inch around my hips! So I’m taking that as a win. Yeah!

Anyways, here are my five things for this week:

  1. I need to be true to myself. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. The whole point of this health challenge is to learn how to work with my weaknesses so I can make this a long-term healthy lifestyle. One of my weaknesses is that I exhaust myself when I’m focusing on my goals. I have to remember to allow myself to rest so I can have the stamina to keep going.
  2. I’m losing steam, so I need to spice things up! This week I tried challenging myself to have no sugar. Next week I think I’ll do 30 push-ups a day challenge.
  3. FATHEAD PIZZA is the bomb! I thought cauliflower pizza was good, but OMG, I’ve been missing out. And it’s super filling! You only need 4 ingredients: cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs, and almond flour.
  4. It’s okay to keep it slow and steady. I need to stay focused on my goals, but not get too obsessed with them because otherwise I’ll just easily get discouraged. I have to keep reminding myself that losing weight will take time and consistent effort.
  5. I’m still figuring out how to work in cheat meals in a non-detrimental way. I’m going to try to allow myself just 1 cheat meal a week and see how it goes. Since I’ve taken on baking as one of my hobbies, I’m also making my next project to create healthier versions of cakes and frosting.

Happy low carbing! See you next week!



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I'm an aspiring blogger and writer who has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. As I work towards a healthier me, I want to share my experiences and inspire others through my struggles.

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