Week 7: Breaking Up with the Scale

This whole journey is not just about losing weight. It’s about knowing how to be far from perfect and still being able to succeed. One thing I’ve learned is that success is not a destination. It takes consistent effort and habit. It’s also about the little triumphs.

I’m still having difficulty allowing myself to have a cheat meal without going overboard. I haven’t really gained significantly, but it’s also hard to tell with the scale…

I was curious to see if I had made any progress so I weighed myself Thursday morning – the scale said I hadn’t gained anything, but hadn’t lost… Which was fine with me. Then yesterday (official Friday check-in), the scale said I had gained 2 lbs! And this morning I went down 1 lb. I know weight fluctuation is common, so I’m taking a break from the scale for now… Or at least trying to not let it discourage me.

So instead, I’ve decided to look back and see how far I’ve come and how much progress I’ve made by compiling a before and current picture of myself.

File Jul 22, 4 34 15 PM

The important thing is that I’m still eating healthier most of the time and trying to get more physical activity in. I’ve also slowly been getting back into running. I can feel an improvement in my leg muscles and endurance while I run. My clothes (especially my pants) feel looser. People have also commented on how I look thinner.

Maybe the number on the scale isn’t showing much progress, but the scale is a crappy way to monitor weight loss. I know this. My friends know this. But we still let the number mess with our heads, instead of remembering that measurements and inches lost mean so much more. We still let it mess with us even though we can run longer or lift heavier.

In reality, we’re kicking ass and we’ve come so far! Let’s keep going and we’ll be in a such a better place a year from now. To a healthy life!





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I'm an aspiring blogger and writer who has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. As I work towards a healthier me, I want to share my experiences and inspire others through my struggles.

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