Check-in: First Week of Workouts after Work – Done and Done!

First week of workouts after work accomplished! I went straight to the gym after work everyday this week. And I stuck to my Run to Healthy Challenge!

It was my first week of work at my new job, so I’m really proud of myself for accomplishing all that I have this week. I was pretty tired when I get home everyday, but I’m hoping that my energy levels will just improve as my body adjusts to this new schedule.

I was able to get a little strength training in, too, but not as much as I’d like. It’s okay. Baby steps. Working out every day this week is pretty awesome in itself.

I just drive straight to the gym after work, so I don’t give myself any give to possibly change my mind and back out. I don’t let myself think about it, I just do it. I’m hoping that I will do it enough so that it becomes habit and I won’t even remember driving to the gym.

I’m still participating in Fitbit challenges with some friends, so I WANTED to get to the gym each day to increase my steppage. I can get very competitive, but hey, it’s all towards being healthier. Gotta make that hustle happen… Especially since this first week at my new job has been mostly sitting and reading in my office. I try to get up and walk around, but I also want to work hard and not waste any time.

My goal for next week is to strength train at least 2 times and to keep running. One thing that has been helping me is getting my gym bag ready with my work clothes ready every night for the next day. My mornings don’t feel so daunting and stressed as I try to get out the door. It has definitely worked and I also feel calmer each night after I get everything ready to go.

After work and working out, I feel accomplished and better about myself. I know that I am being productive while also doing something that is good for my body and for my health. 👍😊